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Tour Duration:    11 night/12 days      


Tour code :           1621


Transport :           Surface  

Day 1: Transfer from the airport, and settle in to your hotel. (city tour depends on your arrival time ) Relax this morning before visiting the National Archaeological Museum and meeting its famous guest, Lucy, whose 3.4 million-year-old bones may be viewed in replica. Continue to the Ethnographic Museum, which chronicles Ethiopia ’ s rich ethnic diversity. Overnight hotel

Day 2: Snkaber.
Fly from Addis to Gondar and drive 136 km north to Sanka Ber via Debark, the headquarters of Simien Mountains National Park. Around Sankaber, make short walks to visit the incredible Simien Mountains and one of the endemic mammals of Ethiopia. Overnight camp

Day 3: Sankaber – Geech.
After early start you walk directly east ward, looking the escarpment northward, get in the valley of Koba rive. Viewing on the left the Geech Abyss reach the wonderful fall of Jin Bar. Cross Jin Bar River, climb the steep land on the other side of the river, reach Geech camp ( 3600 mt. alt ) . En route you can view some endemic birds such as thick-billed raven, black-heade siskin, white-collared pigeon, wattled Ibis, and spot breasted plover. Geech is a camp site where you can see one of the biggest bird Lammergeyer. Overnight Camp

Day 4: Geech – Imitgogo – Geech.
After early start from Geech with pack lunch trek to different wonderful view points including Imitgogo with 3926 mt altitude gives the most spectacular views of the Semein both to north and east direction, the same to the View point of Saha. Back to Geech in the afternoon. Overnight Camp

Day 5: Geech – Chenek.
After early breakfast start trekking through forested valleys, cross Jin Bahir River, continue crossing the steep plain with the small hills, reach the escarpment of Enatiye which gives good view of the lowlands and the mountains of the surrounding. Take the chance and observe the endemic Walia Ibex grazing on the escarpments of the area. The walia Ibex is member of the wild goat family has magnificent heavily ridged horns sweeping back over it’s shoulders. Overnight Camp

Day 6: Ambiko
Overlooking Chennek is Bwahit mountain at 4430m – the second highest peak in Ethiopia. The route from Chennek takes you up on Bwahit’s northern shoulder. If you have the energy, you can reach the peak. From here you can see in the distance Ras Dejen at 4543m, the highest mountain in Ethiopia. Coming down from Bwahit we pass through the town of Chiroleba, which feels very busy after the last few days in the mountains. Contonuing on we cross the Mesheha river before a gentle climb to the Ambiko campsite which is situated next the village church. Ambiko is at 3200m. Overnight Camp

Day 7: Ras Dashin
Today you climb Ras Dejen. You begin very early and walk through the main valley before sunrise and then start the steep climb. On the way, keep an eye open for Giant Lobelia. After some hours of trekking we will enter a huge semi-circular basin of rocky peaks – Ras Dejen. The last section before the peak is a scramble and you are rewarded with a very fine viewpoint from 4543m. We will spend the rest of the day hiking back to Ambiko camp. Overnight Camp

Day 8: Sona
The trek today takes you to Sona. You first move up a valley that provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. First we descend back down to the river and after a short, but steep climb we begin to gradually walk up the valley. We stop for lunch at a place  where we can see the cultivated lands and then continue up the picturesque valley passing through many mountain hamlets. The majority of the local populations in the Simien Mountains are Amhara. Spectacular views are found at the camping place. Overnight Camp

Day 9: Mekarebiya
Today’s trek involves an overall descent of 1200m. The initial section is a steep downhill, after which it becomes undulating. You will feel it getting much hotter and after 3 hours you will have lunch at a riverside spot under a massive fig tree with the opportunity to have coffee from the locals and buy local handicrafts. After lunch it is a 90 minute walk toour campsite at Mekarbiya. Mekarbiya camp is at 2065m.Overnight Camp

Day 10: Mulit
Walk to Mulit ( 2100m ) and after lunch there is a step relatively short climb, which is often hot, but at the top there is a local cafe with refreshments. Total trekking time is 4-5 hours. Overnight Camp

Day 11: Gondar
A short walk in the morning along a forested ridge and then through cultivated land takes you to the town of Adiarkay where you meet the main road and a car will be waiting to collect you. Drive back to Gondar. Overnight hotel

Day 12: Addis Ababa

Fly to Addis Ababa. Evening traditional Ethiopian night- Connect with your home bound flight.

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