Blue Nile Water Fall

nile_fallLocated 35 Kms southeast of Bahir Dar, the Blue Nile fall is a must watch water fall. Local people prefer to call ‘Tis esat’ (water that smokes). It used to cover all the rock above 400 m wide during the rainy season and up to 45 m, it used to drop. Currently, the water fall less because of damming for hydroelectric power station. However, it retains its spectacular fall with the addition of rainbow, riverine forest and surrounding landscape. Blue Nile Fall was visited by the Portuguese traveler Francisco Alvarez in 1520’s and Queen Elizabeth II OF England in 1965.

Blue Nile River
The Blue Nile River is also known as Abay by Ethiopian is a river originating from Lake Tana. Abay is sometimes called Ghion too. In the book of Genesis it is mentioned as flowing out of the Garden of Eden, ‘’…….and the second river is called Ghion that compasses the whole land of Ethiopia.’’

Although Lake Tana is considered as the source of Blue Nile River; Gishe Abay that rises from Gojjam Provinces is taken as the source of Blue Nile River by some scholars. The Jesuits in 16th century and James Bruce in 17th century visited Gishe Abay. Blue Nile River joins White Nile at Kahrtoum that altogether goes to Mediterranean Sea.